Pop Culture Says If You Cheat, a Famous Female Recording Artist Will Smash Your Car Windows

Infidelity, scorned women, revenge, and cars.

byThe Drive Staff|
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Beyoncé is far from the first woman—in film or otherwise—to avenge infidelity by roughing up his car. As long as cheaters cheat, scorned parties will find baseball bats, golf clubs, or tennis racquets, and apply them to a vehicle's sensitive parts. As we saw in "Lemonade," using windshields for batting practice makes for a compelling visual—which is probably why so many music videos of the recent past have featured automotive destruction. Without calling "Lemonade" derivative, here's a look at the smash-happy footage that preceded it. Top tip for car lovers: don't write a monogamy check you can't cash, because your significant other knows exactly where your car is parked.

Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats

There's nothing more subtly vicious than a keying. This classic opens with a sultry guitar strum and Carrie's manicured hand scraping some paint off a cherry red Dodge pickup. Then, of course, comes the bat.