What’s Mickey Rourke Doing in a Nissan Van?

Camp. We think.

byClifford Atiyeh|
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Have six minutes to kill on a Friday afternoon? Watch Mickey Rourke as a flower delivery man getting chased by a Mexican gang. Because this sort of thing sells commercial vans.

In The Delivery, Nissan wanted a flashier promo video than having Poison’s Brett Michaels cruise around company proving grounds. (Also: less eye shadow). The new video stars Carl Weathers, he of Rocky fame, and Raymond Cruz, a.k.a. Tuco from Breaking Bad, who mocks his AMC character with the most over-accentuated Spanish on modern film. All the actors here act they’re in a bad commercial; with Nissan flashing screen titles like “5.6-liter DOHC V8 HUEVOS” throughout, how can they not? Everyone, that is, except Mickey Rourke.

Mickey plays himself as only he can.

We won’t give the “plot” away, but Rourke’s weathered cool and insouciance are unmatched in the film industry. You’d laugh if Steven Seagal or Liam Neeson were driving (“This Nissan has a very particular set of skills…”). But with all the real troubles in Rourke’s life, you can actually believe he ended up in this weird scenario.

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