Holiday Gifts for Car-Loving Kids: Jaguar and Land Rover Ride-On Toys

Grocery store chain Aldi is selling toy versions of the luxury vehicles.

byHayley Lind| UPDATED Jun 21, 2019 3:45 PM
Holiday Gifts for Car-Loving Kids: Jaguar and Land Rover Ride-On Toys

At less than $100, these might be the most affordable luxury cars on the market. 

U.K. discount grocery store, Aldi, is selling licensed ride-on toy cars, a Jaguar and a Land Rover, this holiday season. The models are intricately detailed, drivable, and relatively inexpensive. 

The Jaguar is a realistic-looking white model complete with a dashboard, a seatbelt, a working horn, and headlights. The car is made of 95 percent plastic and 5 percent steel, and weighs eight pounds.


The Land Rover is all black and contains the same features, along with an MP3 player connector and a simple button accelerator.

Both cars are rechargeable with six-volt batteries and can drive up to 3 miles per hour.

The Jaguar costs around £60 pounds (about $80 U.S.), while the Land Rover costs £75 pounds, (roughly $100) For reference, Target is selling a toy Jaguar C-X75 for $180, and there's an eBay listing for a Land Rover model (which looks very similar to the one being sold at Aldi) for $160.

The cars are part of Aldi's special buy program, which also includes a plush ride-on pony and a basketball shootout game. Aldi started the special buy program last year and sold more than 11,000 products.

“We’re thrilled to be offering families the chance to go all out this Christmas with our quality range of premium toys,” said Julie Ashfield, who works as a buyer for Aldi.

The Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles are being sold in stores and online, but good luck getting one in the U.S. The Aldi website doesn't appear to have the option to ship the toys here.