Honda Boss Is Not Ruling out an S2000 Successor

All hope is not lost for a new VTEC roadster.

byChris Tsui|
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For Honda fans pining for an S2000 revival, hope is not lost. Despite the slightly disheartening news that Honda's "baby NSX" patent from July was merely its video game-only Vision GT fantasy car, word out of Japan now suggests that a new S2K is not out of the cards.

When probed on whether or not Honda would be interested in bringing back the much-loved roadster by Autocar at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo didn't exactly say no.

"As of today, I cannot say clearly that S2000 will be reinvented, as further studies are necessary," said Hachigo. However, he apparently hears our cries and has the engineering might to satisfy them. 

"I’ve already heard many voices expressing they’d like a next-generation S2000. Honda development engineers are quick to develop sporty cars if the requests are there," Hachigo told Autocar. "More and more voices are expressing the desire to reinvent S2000. However, it has not matured yet. It’s not time yet. We need time to decide if S2000 is reinvented or not."

With Honda recently bringing back the NSX along with finally shipping a Civic Type R to American shores, an S2000 resurrection would complete the VTEC trifecta of speed. In the midst of our apparent golden age of motoring, the absence of an H-badged Miata/86-fighter seems terribly amiss. Do it, Honda. Please.

"If the salespeople investigate, look at it and they’re really enthusiastic, maybe we look at it," Hachigo told Autocar

Can you tell how much I want this? 

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