Judas Priest’s Original Porsche ‘Turbo Lover’ is For Sale

Guitarist Glenn Tipton's 1985 Porsche 911 Turbo SE goes up for auction in October.

Better run for cover. The car that inspired Judas Priest’s song Turbo Lover is going up for auction on Oct. 21.

In 1985, lead guitarist Glenn Tipton special ordered this Porsche 911 Turbo SE in Chiffon White with a white leather interior. Tipton later picked up this car at the factory in Stuttgart while on tour with Judas Priest and has owned it ever since. He loved the car so much that it inspired him to write the song Turbo Lover, which some of us may remember from Gran Turismo 3, as well as the platinum-selling album Turbo. Clearly, Tipton is quite the turbo lover himself.

Silverstone Auctions

As much as Tipton loves the car, he didn’t get to drive it much. 

“I live out in the sticks, and it has to be nice weather to take the Porsche out, so I hardly ever use it,” Tipton told Motor1. As a result, the car only has 14,100 miles on it. “It’s time for it to go to someone who will get some use of it, but it’s going to be very hard to let it go.”

Silverstone Auctions

Despite the car’s low miles, it’s ready to move so fast it seems as though we’ve taken to the sky. It has new fuel injectors and a fresh MOT (British inspection). Though we can’t be certain whether Tipton was ever breaking the law while driving it, it would certainly be difficult to resist the temptation.

But you’d better have some money in your pockets if you want this piece of heavy metal history. It’s estimated to sell for somewhere between £180,000 and £220,000 (about $241,000 and $295,000). That’s a fair chunk of change, but between this car’s history and it’s amazing low-mileage condition, tell me there’s no other.