Ohio Ford Dealership Is Selling 10-Second Mustangs for $60,000

Is a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon even worth the extra $25,000?

byCaleb Jacobs|
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If you're a muscle fan in mid-Ohio, Lebanon Ford is your friend. The dealership is known for its dirt-cheap dragster Mustangs which range from 550-1,200 HP, all for less than Ford would sell you one even if it wanted to. Ridiculous bargains include a 727 pony 'Stang for just $39,995, and now, the dealer has ushered in a new purpose-built machine that was developed for more than just blowing the doors off of interstate traffic. The LFP 10 is a $60,000 bruiser that will run 10.5-second quarter miles all day long, according to the dealership, and it can be yours for $25,000 less than a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. 

Sound good?

Of course it does. It's got 700 horsepower on tap thanks to a Stage 2 Roush Supercharger, upgraded fuel injectors, a high-flow air intake, an ECU tune, a bigger oil pump, and improved cooling system. And before you say anything—yeah, we get it. That's 100 HP less than the evil-spirited Dodge, but you have to wonder, are those two worth the price of a new Volkswagen GTI? Maybe not.

You do lose one other thing in comparison to the Dodge; a warranty. Since these are all aftermarket parts fitted to a car that was sold to Lebanon Ford as a production model, you'll have to deal with it if you've got any problems. The dealer promotes the fact that the kit is exceptionally well put together, so hopefully, it won't fall apart as soon as it leaves the lot.

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The things you'll gain, however, are just as nice. A built-in roll cage will ensure you're still eligible for NHRA competition, a feat that the not-to-be-named competitor can't claim. It also gets a beefed up driveline, Viking adjustable shocks and BMR springs, and a staggered wheel set-up with 17x5-inch rollers up front and 17x10.5-inch in the rear. A quartet of Mickey Thompson ET Street R tires put the torque to the tarmac, and ensure a constant quarter-mile time when you leave the car to do the sorting.

Lebanon Ford claims that more experienced drivers could very well dip into the 9-second range with the LFP 10 if all conditions are right. That includes surface, elevation, temperature, etc. They've decided to stick with an automatic transmission, though, as a manual would make it especially different to achieve the same times over and over again.

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Is all of this enough convincing for you to pull the trigger on a $60,000 drag-devil? The Ohio dealer hopes so. If not, wait for videos of customer cars tearing it up at the track to finish the job. 

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