Do It for Dale and Buy Earnhardt Sr.’s ‘Sunday Money’ Yacht for $4.2 Million

The seven-time NASCAR champ ordered the luxo-barge just before his death at the 2001 Daytona 500

byAmanda Vincent|
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Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans with a lot of money to spend have an opportunity to own a piece of Intimidator history by buying his yacht called Sunday Money. The boat Earnhardt ordered before his death in the 2001 Daytona 500 is now on the market for $4.2 million.

Sunday Money

, Dale Earnhardt's final yacht, Sunday Money, on the water., Denison Yacht Sales

The yacht is a 2001 model, 100-ft. Hatteras with five staterooms and a Detroit Diesel engine. It's located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and takes its name from a song Earnhardt co-wrote, also called Sunday Money, with country-music duo Brooks and Dunn. A video set to the song was played in Earnhardt’s honor at the 1993 NASCAR Winston Cup Series awards banquet at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York to commemorate Earnhardt’s sixth of his seven Cup Series titles. 

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Earnhardt also appeared in the music video for the Brooks and Dunn song, Honkey Tonk Truth.

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Earnhardt never sailed the boat as it wasn’t completed until after his death, but through two additional owners, the yacht retains several Earnhardt-esque touches. They include the compass rose design, which was a part of the Dale Earnhardt Inc. logo, in flooring and window etchings of the boat; silver plates with a cursive “D;” and a Snap-On toolbox in the engine room. Updates have been made, though, including electronics and new bottom paint and prop speed. The interior has also been remodeled.

Inside Sunday Money

, A look at the interior of the yacht., Denison Yacht Sales

Sunday Money has been on the market for more than 400 days.

According to a Charlotte Observer article, the sea vessel was built to replace a 1989 Hatteras 74 CPMY that also is on the market for $390,000. The late NASCAR legend used that yacht for deep-sea fishing.

“NASCAR in those days was a big deal here, and it didn’t make a difference if you were a man or a woman. Miss America came one time and didn’t get nearly the attention Dale Earnhardt did,” Hatteras Yachts Customer Service Manager Baird Paschal told the Charlotte Observer, recalling Earnhardt’s visits.

Another sport-fishing yacht, called “Intimidator,” is still owned by Earnhardt's widow, Teresa Earnhardt.