Video: Subaru Forester Plunges Off Cliff, Takes Hit Like a Champ

Well, that escalated quickly.

byMax Goldberg|
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The stereotypical Subaru Forester driver is timid, unassuming, likely transporting a gaggle of kids to a mundane sporting event. But the enlightened gearheads among see Subie’s solid wagon for what it really is: an all-wheel-drive sleeper with a flexible boxer engine that can dish out some serious power and a whole lot of smiles. The driver In this video gets it. That’s why he’s out on Angeles Crest Highway—a.k.a. L.A.’s automotive playground—in a pretty, modified champagne Forester.

The thing sounds glorious resonating through the tunnel, but the joy ride takes a turn for the worst as the Subaru exits the tunnel. There’s some screeching tires, a gnarly skid to the left, and then one hell of a cliff. The drop off is crushing. The Forester careens off, then violently tumbles down. That we can hear the driver grunting and yelling only makes the whole debacle worse. The car comes to a rest. The video cuts out.  

When it starts up again, emergency vehicles and a tow truck working to hall the Forester back up the mountainside. Sure, it’s is a total loss, but the goods are intact: They lived.

UPDATE: The driver claims Lou "The Hulk" Ferrigno was one of the rescuers that helped extricate him from the vehicle. Seriously.

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