Seattle Police Release Video of Deadly Camaro Chase

The armed carjacker is killed in a hail of bullets.

byThe Drive Staff|
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Video was released today of a Chevy Camaro leading Seattle police cruisers on a wild and deadly high-speed chase through crowded city streets. The 35-year-old carjacker died in a hail of bullets after he slammed into an SUV and his airbags deployed.

The chase started on Sunday afternoon at Pike Place Market, the tourist center in Seattle’s busy downtown. The perpetrator brandished two handguns in a Turkish restaurant, a surfing and snowboarding store and, finally, a tattoo parlor.

Police responded to the scene, and the perp ran into an alley behind the tattoo parlor, where he commandeered a red Volkswagen Golf, a red minivan, and, unsuccessfully, a Mercedes. Eventually he settled on a black Chevy Camaro, which he stole from a rental car agency. That’s when police began their pursuit.

Over the course of the 40-minute chase, the driver of the Camaro hit speeds over 100-mph, traveled the wrong way down one-way streets, and managed to fire several rounds at the dozens of police cruisers in pursuit. All this was done while the airbags were deployed.

Ultimately, the carjacker’s undoing was congestion in one of the most traffic-plagued cities in America. In the dashcam video, you can see the driver slow down due to gridlock just long enough for police to ram him from behind. Still, the Chevy had some life left in it and the driver hit the throttle in an attempt to flee. As a result, the police opened fire, killing the driver.

Remarkably, no bystanders were injured in the chase, and 12 Seattle police officers are on paid administrative leave while authorities investigate the shooting.