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Is This Video of a Drone Carrying a Person in a Hammock Fake?

Probably. But it's still really fun to watch.

A video shared around the internet this week shows what looks to a person being carried around—in the air—by a large drone. Is it real? Probably not. But woah, is it entertaining to watch. 

According to the YouTube video’s description, the clip was recorded in Khashuri, Georgia. The one-minute video shows some sort of hammock being held up by a string attached to the drone. While the person is being strung through the air, you can see the hammock have some near-misses with what appear to be power lines. 

It’s unclear why this person was being carried by the drone—if he or she really was—but it looks like he or she was totally into it. 

As much as we want to believe this is real, it’s unlikely that a drone of that size could lift a full-size human through the air so effortlessly. That said, it probably wouldn’t be impossible. In December, YouTuber Casey Neistat shared a video of him being lifted off the ground and pulled up a ski mountain by a drone.