Chinese Police Department Uses Laser Gun to Shoot Down Drones

China is the number one exporter of drones so it makes sense that it's also the leader in anti-drone devices.

The Wuhan Police Department in China is taking unauthorized drone piloting very seriously. Rather than letting these unmanned devices clutter the sky and enter unauthorized air space, the department has decided to take action. Using a $19,000 “gun” that jams drone controls, officers can now shoot down these potentially dangerous nuisances. Talented operators can shoot drones down from more than half a mile away, Popular Science reports.

Looking very similar to a rifle or something out of the video game Halo, these “guns” send laser signals to the drone, effectively freezing the controls and forcing them to make an automated landing. With a lot of high-risk events like soccer games and political events taking place, unauthorized drone activity is a serious issue.

Although this is the first department to use a drone gun, it is not the first time similar devices have been used. The Battelle Drone Defender has been used by Coalition forces to successfully take down ISIS drones. There are also truck-mounted lasers cannons like the Silent Hunter used to take down drones. As the drone fad continues and the devices become easier to operate, don’t be surprised to see more anti-drone devices being used by authorities in the near future.