DronePrix AR: An Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Drone Game

EdgyBees creates the world’s first augmented reality drone game, combining DJI Drones and Moverio Smart Glasses for a fun ride.

byMarco Margaritoff|
DronePrix AR: An Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Drone Game

As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies come into more widespread use and the hobby drone market continues to expand, it seemed inevitable they would meet. We've seen the two worlds of video-gaming and drone piloting collide before, but EdgyBees and their new game "DronePrix AR" is definitely taking advantage of particular Augmented Reality aspects that no company has before. One of those elements is the implementation of smart glasses.

The DronePrix AR app will function exclusively with DJI drones and will require a pair of Epson Moverio BT-300 Drone Edition smart glasses. Essentially, you'll be able to pilot your DJI drone and get a first-person look from its perspective, with the DronePrix app and smart glasses working in tandem in creating obstacle courses in the sky for you to maneuver through.

The folks over at EdgyBees claim that not only would their customers get enjoyment from this new type of augmented reality drone game, but advance their actual piloting skills for future use.

DronePrix AR

, EdgyBees

According to Droneneality, features of the app include sharing achievements on social media, solo and competition modes, over 30 obstacles courses, and a flight assistant mode. Take a look at EdgyBees' official promotional video for the game below. The Moverio glasses will have the DJI Go App pre-installed and ready for use with DronePrix AR. To add to this, the glasses come with "clip-on dark shades for use in bright sunlight and special fasteners to secure the Moverio controller onto the DJI phone mount for easy operation."

This looks like mighty fun to us, and a perfect example of what can be done with drones regarding competition, gaming, and communal drone use. If you're curious to see a bit more of this augmented reality experience in action, head on over to GamingLyfe for more footage.