Let’s Watch a Wrecked Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 GTR Hoon Around

Doors off and smashed up, the car still delivers as it tears up Florida streets.

byRob Stumpf|
Ferrari News photo

Last August during Monterey Car Week, Damon Fryer of Canadian YouTube channel DailyDrivenExotics wrecked his highly modified Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 GTR when he and another driver hit each other. Shortly thereafter, the 458 was auctioned off by insurance, and was sold to an exotic vehicle reconstruction company. Fryer then flew out to Jacksonville, Florida to meet the new owner, Larry of LB Innovations, and did what most of us could only dream of.

The Ferrari's doors were removed and the car made its way out into the parking lot, the streets. and even the highways. All of this driving while the super car is missing its front end and scraping along the ground as soon as it meets any small road imperfection. But that's not even the best part of the video; what comes next is the real eye (and ear) candy.

Fryer absolutely shreds the tires off of the car, with zero remorse. As onlookers gather with their phones and cameras, the 458 does donuts around cars and passes the camera at full lock. As the video comes to a close, the 458 GTR begins to do tandem donuts with an S14 240sx as the sun sets on their day of hooning, and they retreat to LB Innovations' garage to give the car a rest.

Luckily, Fryer has a few other projects up his sleeve, including a Lamborghini Huracan and a Range Rover which he is considering either lifting or slamming. It seems his time without one of his favorite cars will be used in a productive manner.

A sad sight to see the car missing, no doubt, but he swore that he would build something better, anyway.

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