Watch This 2,700-HP Ford GT Lose Its Chute at 292 MPH in a Standing Mile Record Attempt

Houston, we have a problem.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Ford News photo

Back when America's space shuttles still flew, they'd touch down for a high-speed landing on a runway at the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida. While those majestic birds are now museum pieces, the end of the shuttle program has opened up the three-mile-long, supremely flat runway for a whole mess of fun things—like Johnny Bohmer's continued quest to set the street-legal standing mile record at 300 mph in his 2,700-horsepower Ford GT.

Bohmer and his BADD GTs are no strangers to the top-speed game, having set the previous record at 283.232 mph with a 1,700-horsepower build back in 2012. Now, we should specify what we're talking about here: As Jalopnik notes, the Guinness World Record for the fastest standing mile in a street legal car stipulates the car has to have functional A/C, drive for at least 15 minutes before the record run, and comply with all local insurance and registration laws. Despite its drag chute and insane horsepower count, the BADD GT checks all those boxes.

Oh yeah, about the parachute. This recent run featured here was actually a test pass for a more official 300 mph attempt to be filmed for Fast N' Loud later this year, presumably with Guinness officials on hand to certify the result. He only manages an "uncertified" 292 mph here—which is good, because drag chute instantly breaks off as soon as he deploys it.

Despite the ominous fadeout over Bohmer saying "No chute, no chute, I have no chute, roll, roll, roll," he told Jalopnik he was able to brake in time, though the extreme heat ended up cracking the rear rotors. Bohmer says the car is capable of at least 310 mph in its current state, so we're guessing he'll find a better chute for the next run. 

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