Watch This Fool Stunt Down the Highway on a Big Old Harley-Davidson

Shenanigans can happen on any bike.

byKyle Cheromcha| UPDATED Oct 26, 2017 2:57 PM
Watch This Fool Stunt Down the Highway on a Big Old Harley-Davidson

Usually, these videos showing some clown ride around with a total disregard for their safety and others around them feature some sort of crotch rocket sportbike. Well, this motorcyclist filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana is here to show you that you can get up to just as many tricks on a nice, cushy cruiser.

According to KSLA News, Monica Rochefort spotted the daredevil rider on I-10 just east of New Orleans on Monday. He appears to be riding a Harley-Davidson Street Glide, a big old bagger of a bike that isn't usually the top choice for stunting fools. In the video, Rochefort sounds understandably shocked to see him booking it down the left lane while leaning back and reclining like he's on a beach chair, his hands nowhere near the handlebars.

Now granted, the "Look ma, no hands" routine is just about the least dangerous trick you can do on a motorcycle. Bikes want to stay upright once they're in motion, and riders use their body weight to lean into turns rather than just twisting the handlebars left and right. The mystery rider demonstrates this after realizing he's being filmed and flashing a smile; he leans way out to the right to change lanes (then left again to straighten out), pantomiming paddling a boat before exiting the highway.

But is the whole thing really that dangerous? The Street Glide has cruise control, and between that and the physics behind a moving motorcycle, it looks like the rider was in control the entire time despite never touching the handlebars. Then again, all it would take is a surprise pothole or a small piece of debris on the roadway to send him flying into the path of other cars—whose drivers would then be involved in a probably-fatal collision through no fault of their own. Plus, he actually leans all the way back at one point, meaning he couldn't see the road at all for those seconds.

It's probably a great feeling to make strangers smile with your seemingly-harmless antics on a bike. But there are better (and far safer) places to do so than a public highway.