Watch This Harley-Davidson Ride Down a French Highway…Sans Rider

What kind of black magic is at work here?

byAaron Brown|
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Well, here's something you don't see every day. A motorcycle was filmed as it sped itself down a French highway on May 28—without a rider at the controls. 

According to Le Parisien, the bike rider had a car merge onto him while he was traveling on the A4 highway on his Harley-Davidson. According to the report, the rider was moving at around 55 miles per hour and heading toward Paris when the crash occurred. Instead of taking the fall with the bike, the motorcyclist said that he pushed the bike forward and out from under him to prevent being crushed by the two-wheeled vehicle...and it just kept going. 

A motorist who passed the incident picked the Harley-Davidson's rider up and transported him to a hospital, according to the report. But apparently, when cops came to investigate what happened, they couldn't find the bike in question.

"When I met the police officers later, they told me they'd been looking for it for an hour and a half," the motorcycle rider said to Le Parisien.  

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We here at The Drive aren't exactly scientists, so we can't offer a thorough explanation on how this bike kept itself upright. But it's not a feat that we've never seen before.

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It's just physics. 

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