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Chris Forsberg Shows You How Easy It Is to Build a Great Truck

With a few bolt-ons, Drift Champ Chris Forsberg attempts to create an off-road monster.

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Chris Forsberg is a busy man. Not only does he participate in the Formula Drift series, he recently was featured in the PROXIMITY by NOS viral video where he drifted his Nissan 370Z through a junkyard, he has multiple shows for Network A including Drift Garage and Garage Tours. Now he's started a new mini-series partnering with Valvoline and Donut Media called Truck Garage.

Truck Garage is currently up to three episodes, but let me give you some backstory. Forsberg is joined on Truck Garage by his friend Dylan Hughes. Hughes is not only a mechanic on Chris Forsberg's Formula Drift team, but he drives in the Formula Drift himself in the Pro 2 category. 

Back in Episode 1 of Truck Garage, Forsberg picked up a Chevrolet Silverado from a Chevrolet dealer with the end goal to be the perfect daily driver and weekend warrior. They wanted to show everything that could be done to the truck could be done in anyone's garage, so no post lifts; they stuck to jacks and jack stands. 

In first episode, they focused on upgrading the suspension and tires. For suspension upgrades, they installed a ICON Stage 3 Suspension Kit along with a Hellwig Sway Bar. For Episode 2, the duo focused on the off-road looks and installed bumpers, lights, and fenders on the Silverado. The stock bumpers were swapped for tubular ones from Addictive Desert Designs, the light upgrades were from Rigid Industries, and the addition of fenders were from EGR.

Forsberg and Hughes got the right feel with the suspension and tires, the right looks with the bumpers, lights, and fenders, but now was time for the right sound. For Episode 3, Forsberg and Hughes upgraded the Silverado's exhaust and intake. The exhaust was upgraded to a Magnaflow and the intake was from K&N. 

Truck Garage shows you that you do not need a race shop to make an off road monster. The videos are short, sweet, and to the point.

Check out Episode 3 of Truck Garage below and check out previous and future Truck Garage episodes on Donut Media's YouTube channel.

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