Watch This Dirt Biker Take An Unreal Journey Through the Central Idaho Mountain Range

This is exactly what we want to be doing this weekend.

byMax Goldberg|
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One of the great things about riding a dirt bike is one minute you can be speeding through a weird mudfest and the next minute you can be taking in some of the most breathtaking sights the world has to offer. Although mountain bikes often allow similar views, you are pretty limited to just going down the mountain and certain areas are hard if not impossible to reach. However, with the help of a motor, Kurt Linford was able to traverse to fairly sketchy single track terrain throughout the central Idaho mountain range.

In this nicely cut video below, we get to ride along with Kurt as he explores mountain tops, steep descents and heavily wooded forests. The video also features drone footage to beautifully encapsulate the vast wilderness Kurt is riding around in. Unfortunately, we don't know much beyond the trails were in Idaho, Wyoming and a little Colorado, but from the looks of the vide, Kurt logged some serious miles.

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