Breathtaking Drone Footage Shows Vast Destruction of Hurricane Harvey

From the looks of it, Houston is only a few feet of water away from becoming Atlantis.

It is no secret Houston, Texas has been completely devastated by heavy rainfall during Hurricane Harvey. With dozens of hurricane-related deaths, 40+ inches of rainfall, 500,000+ totaled vehicles and countless damaged or destroyed homes, Hurricane Harvey is the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.

Now with the wide use of drones, we are able to see the vast destruction of Harvey and the lake that is Houston. Before we let you watch these videos, we have to remind everyone that Houston and other flooded areas in Texas are in need of your help. Please go to The Red Cross’s site and donate what you can or text “Harvey” to 90999 to donate $10 to Harvey relief funds (via the Red Cross).

The devastation you can see through the drone footage is truly breathtaking. A once bustling city is a complete ghost town without power, running water or any real hint of current inhabitance. Fortunately, Houston will get back on its feet thanks to the great people of Texas as well as all the states throughout the country sending resources, teams, and donations.