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Watch a Toyota Prius Drive Through a Houston Flood Like It’s Nothing

Is this bravery or stupidity?

As Hurricane Irma thrashes through Florida just a couple weeks after Hurricane Harvey pounded Houston, Texas, a brave Toyota Prius driver gives us some much-needed flood humor. This hero drove his Prius through Houston Interstate I-45 in a flood while other, weaker cars and trucks were left parked and helpless.

This footage is from a Houston flood back in May of 2015, but it was just shared by YouTube channel ViralHog. The video shows us a very normal looking gray Toyota Prius filmed from an overpass above a nasty flood. The Prius drives through flood water going almost all the way to the top of the wheel wells. The water is so high, the Prius makes a wake like a boat cruising on a lake splashing a few bystanders not brave enough to drive through the flood.

The gentleman filming and the surrounding audience are shocked by the bravery and/or insanity of this Prius calling the driver a “stupid motherf*cker” and an “idiot.” After seeing how far the Prius was able to get, the driver was praised by one spectator saying “that guy got balls…he got more balls than me.”

The Prius continues on I-45 until it’s beyond the scope of the camera. We may never know how far this Toyota got that day, but we can’t help but admire the driver’s determination. As admirable as the resolve of this humble hybrid is, please do not try this at home, even if you have a Prius.