Watch This Guy Celebrate America With A Firework-Shooting Corvette Burnout

What’s more patriotic than explosives and single-malt whiskey?

byCaleb Jacobs|
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You're probably celebrating the 4th of July today with either: A.) Fireworks B.) Booze C.) All of the above. If you picked the latter, you wouldn't be much unlike the guy in this video who congratulates America with a healthy dose of V8 skids and explosives to boot. Whereas we might not all have a C7 Corvette at our disposal, we can all cheer on and spirit and wish the same for a helluva Independence Day.

After all, what's more American than a white Corvette hauling ass an American flag with a trail of firecrackers being shot out of the exhaust? Nothing, that's what.

This surely isn't the first burnout-centric 4th of July video, but I'll be damned if it isn't my favorite. The only thing that could make it better would be burning the tires completely and grinding the wheels to bare metal like this hero -- though we understand if you don't want to drop a couple of grand on new rollers for some quick footage.

Most importantly, remember to drive safely during the holidays. Fourth of July travel set a record in 2017, and you'd be dumb to drink and drive in the first place. 

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Happy Fourth from all of us at The Drive.

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