Watch Dozens of Supercars Peel Out at Goodwood Until Police Show Up

Spare a few minutes to admire a bunch of beautiful supercars?

byAaron Brown|
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As a bunch of Ford Mustang owners have learned the hard way, leaving car meets with any alacrity often ends with pieces of said cars scattered across a roadway and onlookers running for the bushes. But for whatever reason, drivers still can't help but attempt to show off when leaving shows. At a Goodwood Breakfast Club event for supercars last weekend, drivers piloting more multi-hundred-thousand-dollar supercars than we can count decided to launch the hell out of their cars as they left the gathering. Thankfully for those motorists (and the people who gathered around to watch), most of the cars remained in one piece. 

The Goodwood Breakfast Club Supercar Sunday event "aims to bring together some of the greatest cars the world has ever seen," according to a blog post on the Goodwood website. In the clips below, we see Bugatti Veyrons, various Ferraris including multiple F40s, a couple of Ford GTs, and even a BMW 1 Series hatch that decided to pull off a very smoky burnout. (Yeah, we know it's not a supercar, but darn it, that was one amazing burnout. It deserves special attention.)

Eventually, the police show up, and things cool down a little—but even so, it seems the bobbies are more interested in simply keeping the peace than busting anyone. (That doesn't seem to keep the crowd from booing, however.)

From the videos, it appears that all the cars were able to make it out of the event without wrecking. Unfortunately for some, cars leaving events at Goodwood in the past have not been so lucky. Specifically, this Ferrari 488.

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