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Lucid Air Getting 1,111-HP Performance Edition

The EV arms race is here.

Lucid announced Wednesday morning that its Air Dream Edition luxury sedan—the one that we recently said offers plenty of legroom—will be available in two distinct versions. These variants are bluntly named the Dream Edition Performance and Dream Edition Range, so you can probably figure out on your own what each one focuses on.

The Dream Edition Performance will reportedly feature a drivetrain optimized for speed and acceleration courtesy of 1,111 horsepower, while the Dream Edition Range will focus on going the distance with just 933. How far exactly? Lucid says in its press release that EPA certification is currently underway, but that two test cars recently performed a real-world driving test in California, delivering a potential 475 and 518 miles of range—which is in line with what it’s said before.


The Performance version will reportedly deliver a zero-to-60 time of under 2.5 seconds, while the Range is expected to do so in roughly 2.7. Both variants feature dual-motor and AWD drivetrains limited to a 168-mph top speed. The Performance rolls on 21-inch wheels as standard and can be had with 19s as an option, while the Range model comes with the 19 inchers stock but can also be upgraded to the 21s.

Italian tiremaker Pirelli is making a contribution to the Lucid Dream’s spec sheet, with the Performance getting 245/35 tires up front and 265/35s in the rear, because if you’re flexing on having the same tire supplier as Formula One you might as well go for similar proportions.

If you’re lucky enough to be a Dream Edition reservation holder, look forward to hearing from Lucid soon about selecting between 1,111 horsepower in your luxury sedan or 933 and possibly meeting its alleged, predicted range. Per Lucid, both variants will remain at the already-known price of $169,000.

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