Best Wet Weather Tires: Wheels That Make the Drive Safer in the Rain

These are the best tires to depend on while heading out in the rain

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PUBLISHED ON December 19, 2019

When you drive frequently through the rain, the right set of tires will not only deliver a better driving experience but also enhance safety. While you can’t avoid the rain, you can invest in the right set of tires for better wet-surface traction. The special external grooves and the right rubber compounds make these tires ideal for tackling rainy weather. This buying guide will help you find the best wet weather tires on the market.

  • Best Overall
    General Altimax Radial Tire

    These tires offer impressive dry and wet weather performance The enhanced tread design provides good traction in the rain. The unique sound suppression technology delivers a quiet ride.


    The silica compound used in the tire reduces vibrations and adds to the comfort factor. The low surface abrasion technology increases the tread lifespan.


    The cold weather performance is not impressive. The tires are also not available in all sizes.

  • Best Value
    Hankook Ventus  All-Season Radial Tire

    These tires provide a good ride quality. Four circumferential grooves and a unique V-tread pattern enhances traction in the rain. The special carbon compound makes the tires last longer.


    The higher levels of silica in the tire provide better traction. It offers a good steering response. The road noise is also kept under control.


    The tire is not suited for rough winter weather. It is also not ideal for drivers looking for top-class handling performance.

  • Honorable Mention
    Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season Performance Radial Tire

    These tires come with an asymmetric tread pattern to prevent hydroplaning. The special Helio technology provides superior traction over asphalt and concrete surfaces. It also improves tread life.


    The tire provides a better cornering grip and high-speed stability. Big rain grooves and 3D sipes help prevent hydroplaning. They also offer good performance in light snow conditions.


    The ride comfort is not the best. They also come with complicated warranty information.

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  • Summer tires are the best choice for wet conditions, but they get stiff in freezing temperatures and offer less traction. For cold and wet climates, all-season tires are a better choice.
  • Tires with circumferential grooves will effectively channel the water away from the surface and offer better traction in rain. They will also prevent hydroplaning.
  • Tires are generally specified for use in cars, SUVs, or trucks. Check the recommended vehicle type and the maximum weight limit of the tire before purchase.


Q: Do wet weather tires lose traction with use?

A: They do wear out with time and deliver less traction. If your location receives heavy rain throughout the year, it is best to change the tires before the recommended period to stay safe.

 Q: What tire should I choose for driving through rain and snow?

A: For freezing conditions with wet snow, all-season tires are a good choice. In heavy snowfall, specially designed winter tires provide the best traction.

 Q: Is it necessary to drive slowly in the rain?

A: Even with the best tires, heavy rain will reduce your vehicle’s traction, and stopping distances will be longer. Losing grip on the road can happen instantaneously in such situations. To be on the safe side, it is best to drive at lower speeds in the rain.

Final Thoughts

We have chosen the General Altimax Radial Tire as the best option for wet weather tires. They offer a unique tread design along with fast braking and acceleration capabilities.

For a good balance of price and quality, you can use the Hankook Ventus All-Season Radial Tire.