Arch 1s Motorcycle and Method 143 Concept Unveiled at EICMA

Arch Motorcycles expands its boutique bespoke motorcycle lineup with the Arch 1s and Method 143 Concept revealed at the motorcycle show in Milan, Italy.

bySam Bendall|
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Arch Motorcycles came onto the scene with the KRGT-1 back in 2015 as the brainchild of Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger. It was quickly branded as the wealthy individual's performance motorcycle. With a starting price of $78,000, Arch motorcycles are not exactly for the everyday consumer. Arch produces a limited number of bikes annually and the Arch 1s is the next venture in expanding its performance bespoke motorcycle lineup. 

The Arch KRGT-1

, The KGRT-1 started it all and will receive a number of updates for 2018, including ergonomic enhancements to the bodywork, updated front suspension, upgraded brakes with optional ABS and EURO 4 compliance., Arch

Many motorcyclists snub Arch due to the exorbitant price tag, but those people typically can't afford the bike. Haters gonna hate after all. When you get into fine minutiae of what goes into making these machines, it is truly impressive. Everything on the KGRT-1—and the soon-to-come 1s—is designed, machined, and assembled in Los Angeles. Designer and Builder Gard Hollinger supervises an expert staff of skilled craftsmen who assemble each unit by hand to meet the ergonomic and aesthetic preferences of the client.   

The Arch 1s

The Arch 1s is more sport focused than the cruiser-oriented KRGT-1, but still shares much of the same DNA. Featuring a more aggressive and sport-styled stance, the Arch 1s will be powered by a 124 cubic-inch, 2032cc American V-Twin engine. Surrounding the engine is a CNC Machined Aluminum backbone and subframe. It will ride on carbon fiber 7 Spoke BST wheels, will come with an optional ABS system and be EURO 4 compliant. 

The Arch 1s

, With the same powerplant as the KRGT-1, the Arch 1s has a slightly more aggressive and sporty stance. This will be a tad more fun in the twisties than the KRGT-1.  , Arch

Pricing and delivery of the Arch 1s are still unknown, but when it comes to the price, do not expect an insane deviation from the KGRT-1.  The Arch 1s will be an expensive and deliciously bespoke motorcycle. 

This feature is the most bananas thing we’ve seen on a motorcycle. A freaking pop-up fuel cap enclosure. So Fancy., Arch

The Arch Method 143 Concept

Arch Motorcycle has recently partnered with Suter Industries to create a European distribution channel for Arch Motorcycles in Europe. In addition, Arch has become the sole distributor of the Suter MMX 500 here in North America. Between the two companies, they will work in conjunction to conceptualize and create the Arch Concept 143. 

The Arch Method 143 Concept

, The Arch Concept 143 will feature a Carbon Fiber Mono-Cell chassis and will be limited to 23 units. The layering design concept and elegant craftsmanship of the bodywork will include leather, carbon fiber, and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum. , Arch