Design: Never Have A Flat Tire Again Thanks To Nexo

Because a flat is the quickest way to ruin your day.

byMax Goldberg|

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Today in Design we take a look at Nexo Tires. Although there is a good chance you love driving if you are on our website, chances are you have also ridden a bicycle a few times in your life. If you have ever experienced getting a flat, we are confident you don’t want to repeat that disaster. Fortunately, the team at Nexo Tires have created a bike tire that doesn’t require air. Utilizing recyclable materials, Nexo Tires has created a lightweight, long-lasting tire that can withstand nails, razors, mystery gunk or whatever else the urban streets throw your way. Rated for a little over 1,800 miles, Nexo Tires eliminate the daily worry of having to fix a flat. If that weren’t enough the durable tire will drastically cut down on the ten million tons of bike tires and tubes are discarded and left to rot in landfills each year. Make the earth’s and your own life a little easier and invest in Nexo Tires.