The World’s Largest Truck Wheel And Tire Fitment Database

Shawn Chartier created a website out of necessity and it resulted in an empire.

byEvan Yates|
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In an interview with Chase Jarvis, Mark Cuban proclaimed the key to successful entrepreneurship is simply, “Scratching your own itch.” Years ago, Cuban amassed enough of a fortune to purchase the Dallas Mavericks after selling an audio streaming company created for he and his friends to listen to college basketball games online. Thus, he fulfilled his own desires and thankfully a few million other people recognized the value in his service, too. 

Shawn Chartier of Appleton, Wisconsin scratched his own itch by filling a massive void in the custom wheel industry. Shawn’s website, Custom Offsets was created because he recognized the demand for a visual wheel and tire fitment database that custom truck owners could use to make their wheel and tire selections.

Website Instruction

, Owner, Shawn Chartier explaining how to use the site on YouTube.,

I recently stumbled upon Custom Offsets after combing the internet for optimal fitments on my new GMC Sierra. I would imagine this is the typical path for most Custom Offsets visitors. In the truck world, selecting the proper wheel offset, tire size and other attributes is paramount because if one of these data points is slightly incompatible, the entire package could be compromised. It's the difference between this and this.

The site allows you to search using a myriad of characteristics ultimately helping you locate the best wheel and tire package for your truck. The search function is versatile enough that you can either narrow it down to precisely what you're looking for or perform a more generic query and filter the results yourself.

Lots of options.,

Once you've located your desired specs, you can also click the “Buy Exact Setup” button and effortlessly order the package directly from Custom Offsets. Not only is this helpful to the consumer, but it's an excellent business model.

On top of the rapidly-growing database that is home to over 13,000 vehicles, Custom Offsets also features the “Our Tools” section which has helpful calculators and other relevant informational items. CO generates nearly 20,000 site visits per day and over 4.5 million page views monthly. I found the site so helpful I even uploaded one of my trucks.

CO2, the Custom Offsets pride and joy.


In addition to the website, the CO team expanded into the world of YouTube to further grow the brand and provide additional value to truck owners around the world. The YouTube channel, which has over two million views, features new products, vehicle spotlights and other helpful information. The videos are well-produced, informational and fun to watch. As to why they created the YouTube channel in the first place, Shawn explains, "We realized if we gave away all the information we know to teach people, they would greatly appreciate it and many would then trust us when it was time to purchase." He continues, "We set a goal for 10 videos a month and we've destroyed that goal. Now we're doing 6-7 videos per week."

Custom Offsets TV has become so popular that wheel manufacturers are lining up to feature their new wheels on the show. And at SEMA this week, Gear Alloy is streaming Custom Offsets TV live in their SEMA booth. 

Stay tuned.