Pirelli Debuts Smart Tires That Relay Crucial Information Through An App

The Connesso System tell operators the pressure, wear, vertical load and more on their P Zeros and Winter Sottozeros.

byMax Goldberg|
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Pirelli is taking a huge leap in the field of automotive tires by announcing their Connesso System. The Connesso System come equipped with a computer chip in the tires that doesn’t weigh more than a few grams but provides the driver with a wealth of information. According to Pirelli, the Connesso System will be available on the P Zeros and Winter Sottozeros.

The chip embedded into the sidewall of each tire will send information to the Pirelli cloud and then to an app on the operators cell phone. The app will provide the operator with tons of helpful information like tire pressue, tire temperature, vertical load, tire wear and number of kilometers driven per tire. The app will also alert users if the tire wear or tire pressure has reached a dangerous level.

Unfortunately, the tire will only be offered as an aftermarket tire in 19 inches or larger to begin when sales start in the summer. Pirelli says tires will be available as replacement to the stock tires on high-end cars.

Eventually, Pirelli hopes to expand the range of tires with this feature and they want to work with manufacturers to integrate the chip into car’s infotainment systems.


Pirelli is also bringing another new tire to the market with their colored sidewall tires. Pirelli will be releasing four different colors, red, yellow, silver, white tires. The tires will not have colored tread, rather they will have colorered sidewall writing and stripes that will not fade away over time and use. The Connesso P Zeros and Winter Sottozeros will also be available in one of the four colors.

No word on pricing for either type of tire just yet but we will be sure to keep you posted as the release date approaches.