Porsche Classic’s Tire Pillows Make Your Car’s Winter Storage More Comfortable

If you were going to sleep for three months, wouldn't you want a pillow?

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At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, “Are you tired of dealing with flat spotted tires every spring after a long winter storage? Porsche Classic’s newest product, TIRE PILLOWS, are exactly what you’ve been waiting for!” In reality, these tire pillows are a godsend for those of us who store their classic cars for the harsh months of the year. Even if you don’t immeditely notice it, a flat spot from storing your car for the winter can actually permanently damage the sidewalls and inner structure of your tires, creating juddering and bumping that will greatly impair your driving experience. Tires are one of the biggest expenses in car ownership, and a bad set can really ruin your day. Instead of wrecking your tires, and your spring driving experience, get yourself a set of these tire pillows and don’t worry about it any more. 

Whenever you’re about to put your Porsche (or any classic, really) away for the season, you can simply roll the car into your storage facilty, put these four tire pillows down on the ground, and roll your car on top of the uninflated bags. Then, using a standard air compressor with a traditional Schrader valve, you can inflate these tire protectors to lift and support your car’s tires off of the ground. The tire pillow conforms to the round of your tire, providing a more evenly supported tire tread, keeping them round and in shape, preventing flat spots. It really is that easy!

These tire pillows come as a set of four with an MSRP of $597.75 (though some retailers already have them discounted down to $495.45) and the part number you want to look for is PCG-044-610-00. According to Porsche, these tire pillows are already in stock at any Porsche Classic Partner, or can be special ordered through your local authorized Porsche dealership. 

United States Porsche Classic Partners include Gaudin Porsche Las Vegas (702-383-6800), Hennessy Porsche North Atlanta (888-414-3960), and Porsche of Colorado Springs (719-219-1911)