Honda Unveils the Neo Sports Cafe as the CB1000R and We are in Love

The new Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Cafe is a performance street fighter wherein the aesthetics of old converge with modernity.

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We anticipated whether Neo Sports Cafe would differ wildly from the CB1000R streetfighter that currently exists, and in fact, the retro styling design is set to replace the aggressive lines of the old model. The all-new CB1000R is reborn and bolstered by an impressive list of updates to the chassis, engine, and electronics package, which deftly bridge the gap between performance and bare-boned café racer inspirations.

The CB1000R is One Damn Fine Looking Machine

The CB1000R is One Damn Fine Looking Machine

, Honda

Available to consumers beginning in Summer 2018, the CB1000R will feature a very distinctly round LED headlight with a horseshoe light ring, flangeless tank with abundant cutouts for various height riders, and a saddle for two-up riding. The original production model is a tad more svelte than the CB4 concept displayed at EICMA in 2010 but it’s not far off.  


Engine and Performance

Where the CB100R  comes to life is how the 998cc DOHC will deliver power. With a 4 percent reduction in gear ratios, riders can expect a more spirited ride with increased acceleration and snappier throttle response. A higher valve lift, larger valves (8.5-millimeter intake and 8.1-millimeter exhaust), larger-diameter inlet ports, and new combustion-chamber shape improve gas flow and offer improved torque in the midrange. 

The beefy 4-2-1 exhaust system boosts torque at 5,000 rpm and above shaves 10 pounds off the overall weight. It also provides the CB1000R with a deeper, rawer exhaust note for added character and emotion. Something every single hipster needs in a cafe racer, modern classic styled motorcycle. 


To give riders a bit more leverage when riding, the upper controls feature .5-inch wider tapered-aluminum handlebar which sits 0.5 inches higher for a more relaxed riding position. The CB1000R becomes more classic tracker than cafe racer but regardless, zipping around town will be easy peasy and tons of fun. 

Additionally, the CB1000R will feature throttle-by-wire which will open the door to four riding modes—standard, sport, rain, and user—as well as Engine Brake and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). 



I had a blast riding the Honda CB1100 DLX to Portland and back in 2015 and instantly became a fan of the classic, retro-styled machine. This new CB1000R seems to be a harmonious blend of ultra-modern and classic retro styling in a package that channels performance and style in one machine. It speaks entirely to the hipster in me who wants to visit Echo Park for an overpriced cup of fair trade coffee and the leather-clad, armored out track enthusiast who aims to drop a knee into turn five at Horse Thief. This is one bike I am looking very forward to getting my hands on in 2018.   

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