Best RV Tires: Improve Your Camper’s Performance and Ride

Prepare for any long journey with these high-quality RV tires

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PUBLISHED ON October 15, 2019

Traveling in an RV or camper is a great way to experience new places. However, all those miles can take a toll on your tires. After a while, you will need to upgrade them to make sure you travel safely and don’t get a blowout. Your RV needs tires specifically designed to carry its weight plus that of the people and cargo inside of it. Before you set off on your next excursion, consider one of these RV tires as a good replacement for your old tires.

  • Best Overall
    Trailer King ST Radial RV Tire
    Capable of carrying up to 1,480 pounds of weight. Each 15-inch tire is designed with a large center tread for improved traction and stability.
    The tires feature an enhanced shoulder design that provides better heat dissipation, expanding the life of the tread. The rubber includes a nylon overlay construction to increase their strength and durability when carrying more weight.
    There are issues with the tires forming bumps in the rubber after driving on them for a while. The carry weight for the tires is also on the lower end.
  • Best Value
    Carlisle Radial Trail HD RV Tire
    Carlisle’s 15-inch radial tires are built to carry heavy cargo with a carrying weight of up to 2,150 pounds.
    Each one is developed with a unique and advanced tread pattern to wear down evenly. This makes them capable of withstanding high levels of heat on the road. Each also has a high-quality, high-tensile belt to resist punctures.
    It can be a hassle to maintain them, and the tread may wear unevenly. Each will require a few weights to make sure they are properly balanced.
  • Honorable Mention
    Goodyear Endurance All-Season Radial Tire
    All four 14-inch tires combine for a maximum carrying capacity of 2,039 pounds. An included scuff guard protects the sidewalls from wear and tear.
    Designed with fabric-steel construction for improved durability and carrying capacity. Plus, the tough polyester material is reinforced with steel belts.
    They are on the expensive side for a singular tire and are a bit heavier than other RV tires.

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  • It is always wise to check the tire pressure of each tire before setting off on a long journey. You can check the owner’s manual to see their proper levels.
  • Long road trips put a lot of wear and tear on the parts holding the tires onto the RV. Check the lug nuts of each tire to make sure they are tight and secure before heading anywhere.
  • If you are hauling a heavy load, make sure you know the hauling capacity of your tires. They are only rated to handle so much weight, and putting too much weight on them can cause them to weaken and deteriorate.


Q: How often should I rotate my RV’s tires?

A: Experts recommend rotating each tire once they reach between 6,000 to 8,000 miles.  You could also rotate them after driving for six months. This will ensure the tread runs evenly and smoothly.

Q: How many years will an RV tire last?

A: This will vary on the type and brand of tire. Radial tires are generally thicker and made of steel, so they will last longer than bias ply, whereas bias tires are designed out of nylon and are made to better protect the rubber. Experts recommend replacing an RV tire every 6-7 years.

Q: How can I tell if the tread is wearing down?

A: You can check the tread with the help of Abe Lincoln. Simply insert a penny upside down with Lincoln’s face facing you. If his entire head is revealed, then the tread depth is low. If you don’t trust your eyes, then you can also take your tires to a mechanic for his or her expert opinion.

Final Thoughts

For a good strong set of RV tires with hefty carrying capacity and sturdy and reliable rubber, consider the Trailer King ST Radial RV Tire.

You can also use the Carlisle Radial Trail HD RV Tire, which is more cost-effective and can carry heavy loads more comfortably.