Pick Your Quick SUV Poison – F-Pace S Or Macan GTS?

MotorTrend pits German against English in a battle of fun SUV supremacy.

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Apr 5, 2017 11:14 PM
Pick Your Quick SUV Poison – F-Pace S Or Macan GTS?

Motor Trend's Cammisa and Lieberman duo are back again with another Porsche in another episode of Head 2 Head. This time Porsche's Macan GTS is facing off against Jaguar's F-Pace S. This time, the two car testers have hit the Bridgestone snow testing facilities in Colorado for an inclement weather competition. They begin with a couple bouts of drag racing in snow, which the Porsche wins handily. Then they move on to a speed grocery shopping test, which the Porsche wins handily. The third test of the day is a drifting battle, which the Jag sorta wins except jonny crashed it into a snowbank. 

With the shenanigans out of the way, they finally get to the good stuff running on the road. This is the best explanation we've ever seen for the differences between Porsche's Macan and the Audi it's based on. They've retained the good things, but made it a more Porsche type of car. The changes to the design, the all wheel drive system, and the engine are phenomenal, making the Macan (and especially the GTS) a great car to drive. 

Where the Macan is a great SUV, the F-Pace is a fun SUV. Porsche, typically German, will perform exactly the way it was designed to. It will dominate a corner, and it will set great times at the track if you so desire. Jaguar, however, has tuned some of their sports car DNA into the F-Pace to make it more tail-happy. Even as Porsche apologists, we must admit the F-Pace is the better looking car of the two. Does it win? Well, we suppose it depends on what you want out of your fun SUV.