Porsche South Bay Opens First West Coast Porsche Classic Facility

The fourth Porsche Classic center in the country is also the first one on the west coast.

byBradley Brownell|
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Recently, the Porsche South Bay dealership in Hawthorne, California held a grand opening celebration to commemorate the addition of their new classic department. This is significant as this is only the fourth such Porsche certified classic partner dealer in the US (after Gaudin Porsche in Las Vegas, Hennessey Porsche in Atlanta, and Porsche of Colorado Springs). At one point you see Tim Quinn of Porsche's aftersales department describe this as the first Classic department west of the Rockies, apparently forgetting that Las Vegas is in fact west of the Rockies. We'll forgive his transgressions, this time...

A Porsche Classic Partner dealership can essentially perform Porsche-sanctioned restorations with approved classic components. This program is similar to Ferrari's Classiche, but without the need to ship the car back to the factory for the work to begin. Porsche plans to launch an undisclosed number of these classic certified dealer departments worldwide, helping customers properly restore their vintage Porsche rides. 

If you need a vintage Porsche restored and you want a certified Porsche Classic dealership to restore it, you can now have Porsche South Bay do that work for you. So, you can see why Porsche South Bay is excited to shout this new expansion from their rooftops. 

As part of the grand opening, the dealer hosted a car gathering, cooked up some traditional German wurst, and had some gymnasts and carnival-style sideshows to help keep the excitement high. The cars displayed inside the dealership showroom featured dozens of stunning classics, including the very first 901 (on loan from Seinfeld's collection). This whole event looks like it was an absolute blast from start to finish. We were given an invite to attend, but sadly the timetables didn't work out. After seeing this video, we're definitely sad we missed it. 

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