Porsche Adds 30 HP Powerkit To 911, Range Of New Colors

Powerkit pumps up Carrera S models, and Porsche’s paint department diversifies their offerings.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

Powerkit adds more boost

If you've recently placed an order for a Porsche 911 Carrera S, Carrera 4S, or Targa 4S model, you might want to call your dealer to amend your order sheet, because Porsche just announced a new Powerkit option. Administered by Porsche Exclusive, the kit offers an increase in power of 30 horsepower over the standard 420, bringing your S up to GTS power spec. With a set of larger turbochargers, and some intake modifications, the kit gives your S a bit of extra kick, not that it really needed it, but extra power is always welcome. 

When equipped, the powerkit will also include the entirety of the Sport Chrono package (dynamic engine mounts, modified brake cooling, and switchable sports exhaust, among other things). If you have already taken delivery of your car, don't fret. This Powerkit will be available starting in June as a retrofit for any car already equipped with the Sport Chrono package.  

New splash of paint colors

Porsche has always had the best paint colors, even all the way back to the 1960s they've offered a veritable rainbow of exterior shades. Starting now, Porsche is adding a few new colors to their optional palette, as well as a few other color options for your trim and interior fabrics. Sadly we don't yet get to see any photographs of these new colors, but you can ask your dealer when they'll be getting the new paint and fabric swatches. 

One such new color is called "Crayon", and will be available across the 911 and 718 model ranges. 911 model buyers (including 911 Turbo and Turbo S) will be given the option of a four-stage extra depth color called "Saffron Yellow Metallic". The 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition has added "Aetna Blue" to its options, which will be paired with a gorgeous graphite blue interior. Cayenne models have added "Purpurite Metallic" and "Palladium Metallic" as special color options. Panamera models have added "Burgundy Red Metallic" and "Ristretto Brown Metallic". Panamera "club leather interior" cars are now available with Cohiba Brown and Truffle Brown leathers. And finally, all cars ordered with optional sports exhaust system can now have the option of high-gloss black exhaust tips. 

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