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Meet DIY Porsche Enthusiast Gregory Campbell

This video profile depicts a very hands-on Porsche builder with a penchant for speed

When you’ve got a Porsche Fuhrmann 4-cam powered Devin Speedster vintage racing car in your garage, it’s hard to call you anything but a true enthusiast. Gregory Campbell is nothing but a true enthusiast, as it were. We’ve been going to the Monterey historic races for years, and we’ve seen Greg’s Devin in attendance quite a few times. It’s a truly quick little monster that holds its own against some much more powerful competition. We’re absolutely amazed at how much of this effort is self-driven, as indicated in this film Campbell does the majority of the work required to build and maintain such a racing car here in his garage. 

Getting started early, Greg has always been working on his own projects, and based on some of the photographs in his notebooks they were occasionally pretty rough. Even through the course of the video, you can see Greg getting busy with a tap and die set creating his own shifter linkages and working on a spare four-cam engine on a stand. It’s obvious that this is his passion, especially when you see the fruits of his efforts. 

Being on track somewhere like Laguna Seca in a car you built, maintained, and raced is a truly unique experience. We can’t even imagine what it must feel like to drop down through the corkscrew and knowing that your shift linkage will work properly when you get to the bottom because you’ve crafted it yourself and intimately know the details of how the assembly goes together. Good on you, Greg. 

This is a film produced by Rennfilms, and everything they have ever made is just as beautifully produced as this video. Go check out their YouTube channel, maybe give them a subscribe.