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Porsche’s 607 Horsepower 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series Is A Nearly Silent Golden Rocket

Watch this bright and shiny ship sprint its way up the hill in its global debut at Goodwood

The outright record at Goodwood was set by Nick Heidfeld in 1999 aboard a McLaren MP4/13 Formula 1 car with an astonishing 41.60 second run. It’s quite obvious that this wickedly quick Porsche street car was never going to come anywhere close to that record, but we’re pretty impressed with its 53.31 second run set earlier today. That time is just a tenth or two off of the time Porsche racer Timo Bernhard set in a GT3 Cup car with around 500 horsepower and crazy race car aerodynamics. That time proves that this car is wildly fast, and capable of dominating many other supercars in its class. 

With all of that speed on tap, this car is very quiet. Almost eerily quiet for the kind of speeds it is capable of. In the video you can hear the sound of the car’s tires squealing through the corners more than you can the turbocharged 3.8 liter engine slung out back. This quiet exhaust note seems almost incongruous with how loud the car is from a visual perspective. With bright and shiny gold paint and a set of twin racing stripes, not to mention the wide fenders and wild aerodynamics kit, this 911 isn’t one to sit quietly in the corner, it’s got proper supercar looks. 

What do you think? If you were going to go for one of the most ostentatious Porsche 911s on the market, wouldn’t you want it to bark a little louder? We certainly know that’s what we’d like from this car.