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You Can Finally Get a Deal on a Ford F-150 Lightning

If you've been looking for an F-150 Lightning, now might be the time to buy.

Ford is about to drastically increase production on the F-150 Lightning, once the upgrades to its Rogue Electric Vehicle Center are finished. According to Ford, such upgrades could triple F-150 Lightning production, up to 150,000 units by this fall. That increased production means increased inventory, which allows Ford to offer its first-ever discounts for the electric pickup, making it cheaper than ever.

According to CarsDirect, a bulletin was sent out informing dealers that the F-150 Lightning now qualifies for new $1,500 cash incentives and better finance deals, if bought through Ford Credit. If bought between now and October 2, the F-150 Lightning can be had for 1.9% APR for 36 months, 2.9% for 48 months, 3.9% for 60 months, or if you go for longer loans of 72 months or 84 months, you can get 5.9% or 7.9%, respectively.


In addition to the $1,500 incentives, some additional regional incentives can stack between $500-$1,000 on top of that. So, on top of lower financing, customers in certain regions can get up to $2,500 off their F-150 Lightning. And that’s also on top of the fact that the F-150 Lightning still qualifies for the $7,500 federal tax credit for EVs, which can be stacked with an additional state tax credit in states like California, New York, and Colorado.

Canadian customers are getting big discounts, too, as Ford slashed MSRPs across the board in Canada. The biggest discount comes on the F-150 Lightning Pro, which drops from $76,295 CAD to $61,295 CAD accounting for destination, a discount of $15,000 CAD.

Canadian F-150 Lightning discounts. Ford Canada

Now might be the time to buy if you’re looking for an F-150 Lightning. Prices have been high since its debut if you could even get an allocation, but these discounts show some light at the end of the tunnel. The deal sweetens further for Lightning buyers, as next year they’ll be able to take advantage of Tesla Supercharger stations, making on-the-road charging even easier.

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