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Watch a 1,479-HP Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Rip a Massive 4-Wheel Drift

Go ask your crazy-rich neighbor if they'll try this one in a Walmart parking lot. Take plenty of videos for us.

The Bugatti Chiron is one of those cars we’re going to miss when it’s gone. Sure, it’s another uber-expensive toy for equally uber-rich people, but its mechanical complexity and brute power are downright awe-inspiring. To celebrate being halfway done with all the Chiron Pur Sports Bugatti is going to make, the ultra-luxury automaker has decided to do something a little rowdy. The “C” shape on the side of the car is a defining characteristic of all modern Bugattis, as well as many vintage ones. “Why don’t we drift that shape?” thought one Bugatti employee. And so it was done.

The exact car in question is a 1,479-horsepower, 8.0-liter W16-powered Chiron Pur Sport. Bugatti describes the maneuver in excruciating detail, going as far as to call the driver’s inputs “delicate.” To be clear, there is nothing delicate about what’s going on here. The car rips off the line, spins all four tires, and quickly steers into a behemoth four-wheel drift. Orchestral music attempts to make it seem a bit more civilized.

Beyond the symbology represented by the maneuver, it’s a nice clip. There’s never been anything wrong with watching the smoke, fresh off of a smoldering tire, cling to a car going sideways at truly excessive speeds. Unless you live in California. When the car costs a few million dollars, that makes it a bit better. It’s safe to say few, if any, Bugatti Chiron owners have ever treated their cars like this. It’s nice to see it being driven up to its capability for a change.

If this maneuver failed, well, we’ve seen at least one Bugatti on a Copart lot before. It would’ve been difficult to crash into anything this time, though. The whole ordeal was done in a big flat parking lot, clear of light poles. If only sideshow enthusiasts had access to private lots like this. A lot of cities would be a bit more peaceful.

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