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VW Won’t Make Its Electric Dune Buggy, But Your Kid Can Still Have One

Remember the I.D. Buggy concept? This is it now.

Concept cars live a funny life. Many of them get made on paper, literally drawn out and sketched. Some of those napkin designs make it to a larger drawing pad to refine details and lock down a thesis. Even fewer make it to the stage of rendering and making a complete design. Barely any actually make it to a full-size physical model concept car, and almost no ideas make it to production. The VW I.D. Buggy concept from 2019 made it to rendering, but apparently got shunted sideways into being a kid’s ride-in car instead of being made for real.

The I.D. Buggy was a cool concept from when VW’s MEB platform was just entering mass production. It essentially was VW’s electric version of a Meyers Manx, complete with a 201-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle, a 62 kWh battery pack, and a WLTP estimated range of 155 miles. Though those numbers are largely pulled from thin air and math, as the Buggy never made it that far in the production process, and was largely a demonstration of the MEB platform’s versatility.

But like that classmate in high school who definitely peaked in his junior year, the I.D. Buggy is a shadow of its former glory. Poor thing. Instead of making it to limited production, or even private label production for another company, the Buggy became a ride-in car for kids. It became a freaking Power Wheels, but not from the actual brand of Power Wheels. Instead, it’s made by Huffy. Yes, the same Huffy that makes bicycles.

Here’s the thing: the Huffy I.D. Buggy actually rules. It’s extremely true to the concept, can go up to a scorching 5 mph, has togglable headlights and dash lights, and you can even honk the horn. If that doesn’t do it for you, maybe the snazzy green interior and retro-future design will. Unfortunately, it is only rated for 125 lbs of human. Because it’s for kids. Definitely not for grown adults with questionable judgment.

For $235.99, this is your only chance to own the VW I.D. Buggy concept. It might not be exactly what we all hoped for, but at least you can still look at it and let your kids have a go. Definitely the kids. Not you.

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