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Sweet Dreams: Frankfurt Hotel Lets You Park Your Car on the Balcony

The hotel features a car elevator that takes you and your car straight to your room.
bMine Hotel

Finding a decent parking spot at your hotel can be difficult at times. They can be poorly located, crowded, or questionably safe. One German hotel has solved all those problems in the best possible way by letting you park your pride and joy right on your own balcony.

As shared on Instagram by Seenthroughglass, the b’Mine Hotel at Frankfurt Airport has a very special offering for enthusiast visitors. The hotel’s CarLoft rooms allow you to bring your car up to your own room, rather than leaving it on the street or in an ugly multi-story parking structure. It’s not only convenient, but it lets you admire your vehicle from the comfort of your own bed.

The check-in process is typical, but the magic starts once you’ve been given the keycard to your room. Drive around the back of the hotel, scan your pass, and one of two car lifts will come down to meet you. You can then pull into the lift, which will lift you and your vehicle directly up to your room. You then simply drive out of the lift and onto your own private balcony.

You might expect this level of service to be mind-bogglingly expensive, but that’s actually not the case. According to Seenthroughglass, rooms with the balcony parking option cost on the order of 250 euros ($262) a night. It’s also a great way to keep your car secure, as only you have access to the balcony parking spot via your keycard. For drivers of electric vehicles, the hotel notes that charging is available.

If there’s one thing this tells us, it’s that car culture is alive and well in Germany. Next time you’re visiting the land of the Nurburgring, you might consider spending a night at the hotel with adult-sized car beds, too. After all, who doesn’t want to sleep in a race car?

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