New Radical SR1 XXR Packs 199 HP and Proper LMP Looks

One of the most popular track toys gets cool new styling and a more powerful engine.

byJerry Perez|
Racing photo


Track days just got more exciting and a whole lot better looking thanks to the new Radical SR1 XXR. The British company announced Wednesday a series of updates to its current lineup of track cars, with the entry-level SR1 XXR getting several enhancements that are bound to get the attention of amateur weekend warriors and pro racers alike. Updates include styling enhancements, aero improvements, and perhaps most importantly, a new engine.

Starting with the exterior, the Le Mans prototype-inspired central fin gives the SR1 a cool, big racecar look. It begins directly off the air intake located near the headrests and runs all the way to the rear wing. The fin is designed to help channel airflow through the rear of the car, whether it be the lower bodywork above the exhaust or the top of the massive rear wing. The body only gets other minor styling tweaks, but the fin and new headlights certainly make the car look louder and more hardcore.

It's a similar situation inside the cockpit. Nothing big changes inside, with the interior being just as spartan as in previous models. Buyers can choose whether they want to party solo and install just one seat or share the experience and install two. Either way, the SR1 comes standard with a steering wheel-mounted AIM MXS display unit. The track-ready data-logging system features a gear indicator, shift light, and also displays vital engine temperatures. An optional package can expand the system's capability and also log steering angle, braking pressure, and GPS data. As it's the case with most of these data loggers, if you can shove a sensor somewhere and make it stick, chances are the system will log that info for ya.

Then there's the engine. The SR1 drops the old 182-horsepower motor for a new, 1.3-liter four-cylinder from Radical Precision Engineering with 199 horsepower and 120 pound-feet of torque. It pairs with a six-speed sequential gearbox operated via paddle shifters. According to Radical, the new motor extends oil change intervals from every six hours to 10, and it also warms up quicker.


The new drivetrain also features lighter-weight parts that help the new track toy tip the scales at just 1,080 pounds. The suspension remains fully adjustable, making the Radical a versatile racer capable of tackling short, medium, and long tracks with various layouts and surface characteristics.

Radical did not release pricing for the new SR1 XXR, though, like most track toys out there, this can greatly vary depending on the level of performance and customization. While a bare-bones Radical may start around $65,000 to $70,000, actual selling prices are typically much, much higher than that.

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