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Brawling Idiots Nearly Clobbered by Toyota GR Yaris During WRC Race

Your mother's going to get the sandal and give you the whooping you deserve if she sees you do this.
Spectator fight at WRC Rally Croatia 2023
Reddit, NSNIA

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought the appeal of motorsport was: “Watch Car Go Fast.” To some people though, the point seems to be to get in an idiotic fistfight on the race course with a Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 WRC car bearing down on them.

The fight was filmed sometime during the World Rally Championship‘s Rally Croatia, which was held from last Thursday through Sunday. Along one of its stages, some fans evidently decided to start a ranch—meaning, they decided to raise some beef together. Alcohol was probably involved; rally fans are already a rowdy bunch, and Croatians spend a lot of their income on alcohol as the E.U. average, according to Croatia Week.

Officials on the scene struggled for a good minute to break up the melee, which saw equally dumb friends of the contestants step in to escalate. It couldn’t have been broken up any sooner: Seconds after the fighters clear the road, a Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 soars over where they’d been rolling around. There’s a chance they’d have been OK if they’d stayed on the ground, but even Johnny Knoxville probably isn’t that reckless anymore.

There isn’t much to learn from an incident as dumb as this. If you can’t hold your drink, don’t do it in public, especially around people just trying to have a good time. None of those guys in orange vests signed up for this, and you have nobody but yourself to blame if they get hurt trying to keep you safe. Not that you care if you’re the one throwing hands, but I guarantee your mother will make you care with her sandal when she finds out what you’ve been up to.

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