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Buy This NHRA Drag Strip for $4.2M and Live Life a Quarter-Mile at a Time

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Capital City Motorsports Park in Alabama
Sullivan & Wills Real Estate

One of the premier drag racing venues in the southeastern United States is up for sale. Located in Alabama, it accommodates the fastest drag cars on earth, and it can be yours if you have $4.2 million sitting around and eardrums that need blowing.

Listed for sale on Crexi outside Montgomery, Alabama, is Capital City Motorsports Park, which the listing bills as the top NHRA venue in the southeast. It’s reportedly ready for Top Fuel dragsters, which reach speeds of nearly 340 mph in just 1,000 feet. (That said, Capital City doesn’t appear to actually host Top Fuel yet, as it isn’t on the 2023 NHRA calendar.)

The sale includes 138 acres of land and the structures built on it; a three-story tower with a track office, control, broadcast rooms and suites, 4,000 square feet of workshop space, concessions and merchandise shops, restrooms, ticketing facilities, storage, and more. It includes maintenance vehicles and equipment, and the grounds accommodate large trailers and RVs.

The track is situated near the Interstate 65 and Interstate 85 interchange, and is within driving distance of Nashville, Birmingham, New Orleans, and Atlanta. The listing says the track is fully operational, has a full event calendar for 2023, and has a recently conducted survey available on request.

Capital City Motorsports Park in Alabama. Sullivan & Wills Real Estate

Because you’re buying a business, it’s not priced like some McMansion with a kart track out back—hence the $4.2 million price tag. But it’s a small price to pay for the ability to race your own drag strip at a whim or turn a buck while enjoying a lifetime of motorsport.

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