This Amphibious RV Is Real, and Yes, You Can Drive It Right Into a Lake

This luxury motorhome has the interior stylings of a yacht. And it goes on water.

Motorhomes are a strange kind of luxury. They’re oftentimes better than staying in a hotel, especially if you’re traveling to remote places or any race track from Indy to Le Mans. That being said, they’re also kind of unsatisfactory houses on wheels that tend to never feel homey or work out all too well in the long run. It’s complicated. However, you can choose to take your house on wheels on the highway or water for the cool price of around $1,000,000.

As explained by Jalopnik, the Terra Wind is an amphibious motorhome built by CAMI that can travel up to “80 mph on land and up to 7 knots on the water,” according to the manufacturer. CAMI is an amphibious vehicle specialist that’s been building a variety of multi-purpose crafts for years. A big part of its business seems to be making amphibious amusement park buses, but it also makes a Hydra Spyder, which is supposedly a water/land sports car.

The freedom of the open water, CAMI

With a gross vehicle weight rating of 33,000 pounds, “yacht” is the more appropriate term for this exceptionally strange RV—and it comes with a price tag that’s several times more than a decent house in some parts of the country. Perhaps that’s why it’s described as a first-class motor coach and the cabin is described like an aircraft cockpit.

As the video below shows, it really does float, and it really does drive on the road and navigate on water. It even has a deck out back that can be used while hanging out at the lake as some sort of diving dock or party barge. It even has a weather radar, sonar systems, and an anchor so you can set up shop at the lake when you get tired of the RV park. Also, the Terra Wind is only approved for freshwater. Sorry, Salt Life folks.

Per the footage, all the driver of the Terra Wind must do is approach the water in a straight line and shift the “road” transmission into neutral and the “marine” transmission into drive. From then on, the floating RV can be controlled via joystick from the cockpit.

CAMI is reportedly working on a custom trailer for this RV, which is supposed to work on the road and also float on water. This trailer will supposedly be able to tow one car or two jetskis. However, considering the video dates from 2013 and there isn’t currently a trailer listed on the company’s website, it’s likely that this never came to fruition.

Amphibious vehicles are a bit of a punchline; outside of Bond movies or Thunderbirds, they’ve never really been taken up widely beyond those amphibious buses for theme parks, local tours, or military applications.

I used to live on a boat, and every time I threatened to move out and live in my car for a bit, two of my friends would remind me that a car is literally just a landlocked boat with all the same problems—except for sinking.


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