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Here Are the Most Annoying Opinions Strangers Have About Your Car

The worst opinions are almost always unsolicited. A close second? When it's coming from a stranger.

It’s an immutable law of nature that cockroaches and bad opinions are bound to outlive us. We’re all wrong from time to time, sure. But somehow the wrong opinions are also the ones shared most often. To paraphrase what my second-grade choir teacher Mrs. White once said to me: Not only are you the worst of the bunch, but you’re also the loudest. Here are some of the worst you’ve heard

We like our hoopties

We all can’t drive new luxury cars. Some of us don’t especially want to. But more than a few commenters pointed out that they’ve heard enough from people criticizing an economy car’s performance, stereo, looks, or ride. 

A few college buddies hopped in my old Corolla to head to lunch and one commented, “Whoa, the stock speakers and head? I was expecting something better from you.”

For context, personal audio was and continues to be a beloved hobby of mine. I build my amps, DACs, and so forth as much as possible. Most of my speakers are projects I pieced together after a few weeks of math and assembly. I’ve spent more money in headphones over the years than I care to add up.

What annoyed me most was the gentleman that said it knows nothing of cars and, for that matter, audio in general despite going to school to become an engineer. That guy inherited his folks’ 2 year old Audi, so he never went through the “cheap beater” experience. I actually had to take him to task for not having a preamp for his old turntable after he complained that the gain was too low. He knew how to calculate the gain loss but he chose not to do it, blaming it on “inferior to Bose” gear.

My car lived most of its life on the interstate/highways whilst commuting to school 2 hours away and work. That gen car did not have much in the way of sound deadening, but I mainly cared about its MPG and reliability. I was putting 1.1k miles in a week at worst, and about 500 normally for a couple years. A calibrated SPL meter consistently read 75-80+dBA at highway speeds on asphalt and a hair above 80 on grooved concrete.

I made a decent wage at the time, but dumping big bucks into a stereo and dynamat made no sense. ~ Firestorm252

This person wasn’t entirely a stranger, but close enough as I only really associated with them in the car scene for about a year, roughly 13 years ago. At the time, I had a stock S13 coupe in great condition. A car I bought with my own money at 18 fresh out of high school and a car I was super proud of. This dude kept calling my car a “poor mans sportscar”. At first, I thought it was just a joke, but as the months went on, his “joke” never stopped. His insistence that I agree with him that my car sucked is part of the reason why I stopped talking to him, among many other things. ~ Discopotato

That Crosstreks are so slow it is dangerous…..

Enough already.  Does it lag in acceleration?  Yes.  Do I loathe the CVT?  Yes.  Dangerous?  Not even remotely.  And it is usually said by someone who has never driven a car with more than 250 hp in their life but they can tell you the 0-60 times of dozens of cars they’ve never laid eyes on. ~ sentinel128

I assure you my 138hp car is not fast, regardless of if it’s mid engine. I also don’t care if your Mustang has 500hp and I don’t want to race you. ~ supvanillaface

Your car, your mods

There’s a reason customization is synonymous with individualization—your taste is your own, not everyone else’s.

Had some dumbass tell me to “just put a SHO bumper” on my ’95 Taurus. So many things wrong with that. Not the least of which is I’m not into pretending it’s something it’s not. If I didn’t like the car, I wouldn’t have it.

A friend keeps egging me to “V-8 it”, in reference to my ’74 Chevy C10. He knows I bought the truck because it had the Inline 6, aside from its condition, etc. It was what piqued my interest to begin with. I will not be the one to hack it up with a junkyard V-8 because race truck.

It’s actually become quite a point of contention between us. I mean, you can find V-8 square body trucks all over craigslist and facebook. Why would I specifically buy an Inline 6 truck and swap it? Because I’m trying that guy from Fast N Loud? Lol sorry. Nope. Go buy your truck and ruin it how you see fit. Lower it on its nuts. Paint it lime green. Put side pipes that burn you every time you get out. Put in a junkyard detuned big block V-8 and never drive it because it’s a gas hog. Just don’t ask me to do it to mine. ~ JohnTaurus

Trucks sometimes do truck stuff

Because I drive a 1/2 ton pickup, that I must be an insecure scared little MAGA flag-worshiping racist misogynistic women hating environmentally ignorant science denying half-wit high school dropout conspiracy peddling all around asshole. 

Not all pickup owners are like those people – I actually do need it for pulling trailers regularly, and not because I’m some scared of change man-baby.Toyota4x4

“People with trucks suck” or really anything negative about 1/2 ton trucks. I keep it clean. I am not a rock crawler. I am not a hot-shot hauler. I am not carrying 40 sheets of plywood to a jobsite all day. I do use the truck for truck things. I also use the truck for car things with just myself inside. I modified it with 35″ tires, a 2″ level, tune, tint, etc. Just basic stuff so it doesnt look like the literally millions of other F150s. 

But I still get the comments of “this thing must DRINK fuel” or “do you really need a truck?” Like I KNOW THIS AND I STILL CHOSE TO PURCHASE IT BECAUSE I NEED A TRUCK AND ITS VERY EASY TO LIVE WITH A 1/2 TON TRUCK AS YOUR ONLY VEHICLE. ~ Stay Classy

Then there’s this guy

Annoying and off-topic.

...literally everything about this website? ~ Watching YouTube Exclusively Through AdBlock

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