Radical Sportscars Founder Launches New Company: Revolution Race Cars

Phil Abbott promises to bring Le Mans prototype technology to the people, provided the people have tens of thousands to spend on a track car.

byJames Gilboy|
Radical Sportscars Founder Launches New Company: Revolution Race Cars


Co-founder of Radical Sportscars Phil Abbott will launch a new sports and race car manufacturer, Revolution Race Cars, which will build "an all-new track and race car conceived, designed, developed and built by racers for racers."

Revolution's website states that it made the announcement through Autocar, which reports that the company's first car will be a two-seat track special called the Revolution (obviously). The Revolution will be a carbon fiber-tubbed vehicle weighing a claimed 675 kilograms (1,488 pounds), and generate "more downforce than anything else in its price bracket."

Revolution Concept, Revolution Race Cars

Power will come from a 3.7-liter dry-sump Ford V6 making 300 horsepower, likely the Duratec engine offered in the Mustang between 2015 and 2017. A retuned version of the same engine powers the Radical RXC of Abbott's former employer, Abbot citing "proven reliability" as reason to continue use of the engine in his own cars. It will last a promised 6,000 miles of intense track driving before needing a rebuild.

Its power may be augmented by electric motors, as Autocar reports that the company says the car will bring Le Mans Prototype technology—likely advanced hybrid power—to the masses. Power goes downstream through a sequential six-speed manual transmission, similar to those used in World Rally Championship cars.

All of the car's operations will be handled through a high-tech steering wheel, encrusted in buttons and switches. One big selling point of the interior, according to Abbott is "Class-leading" elbow room.

The price? Reportedly under 100,000 pounds ($130,000), which is still no small chunk of change. Considering that it'll be a featherweight hybrid track car, though, and a fraction the cost of similar vehicles, it may be the race car bargain of the century. Photos of the Revolution will come in October, and its public debut at Silverstone Circuit will follow in November.