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Lambo V10-Swapped Audi S6 Wagon Didn’t Need Twin Turbos, Yet Here We Are

Sometimes, "because" is the only reason you need to do something special.
Audi S6 Avant engine bay with a twin-turbo V10
Deutsche Auto Parts on YouTube

The VW Group parts bin is an abyss that can drive anyone mad. Treasures can be found in its depths, however, such as the means to fit a Lamborghini V10 into an Audi S6 Avant station wagon. And well, if you’re gonna go that far, you might as well fill up the rest of the engine bay with two turbochargers. Why not?

The mother of all Audi wagons was recently featured in a YouTube video from Deutsche Auto Parts. As the builder tells it, he crammed the 5.2-liter, Lamborghini V10 from the S6 (C6) and S8 (D3) into his earlier S6 (C4), and somehow sourced exhaust manifolds from a Lamborghini Huracan. To be technical, this V10 is based on Lamborghini‘s, but uses a few cost-saving measures that cap its stock performance potential. Of course, that doesn’t matter much given how the swap makes it sound.

But one day, with the car apart for frame restoration, the owner decided the engine bay wasn’t full enough, and that it was time to add turbos. He fit two cheapo CX Racing units using tons of cheap homemade charge piping to save money and kept the boost low because the V10’s durability isn’t known. Despite all the 2,000-horsepower twin-turbo Lamborghinis out there, the owner says he’s the first to give the same treatment to the Audi V10—so he didn’t want to blow it up.

The car’s running low boost, and by all accounts is no quicker than when it was naturally aspirated. But as the owner says, sometimes you do things because you can. Sometimes, you just like how a twin-turbo V10 wagon sounds, both on paper and on the road, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. That is, as long as you take it through a tunnel every once in a while.

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