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It’s Official: The 2024 Nissan Z Nismo Will Start at $66,085

That's almost $13,000 more than the Performance-trim non-Nismo Z.

Confirming reports that surfaced a couple of weeks ago, official pricing has been announced for the 2024 Nissan Z Nismo. To the disappointment of those who still had their fingers crossed for a deal, the pumped-up, 420-hp Z will start at $66,085 including destination.

This is, as pretty much everybody has already pointed out, a lot especially when you consider it only makes 20 more horsepower than the regular Z. For reference, the vanilla 400-hp Z Performance starts at $53,305 while the base Sport trim can be had for as little as $43,305. Only adding to the controversy, both of those can be equipped with the six-speed manual whereas the Nismo is locked to a nine-speed automatic.

A comprehensive rundown of what the Nismo actually entails and how it fares is covered in my first drive review found here, but here are the SparkNotes highlights:

  • 420 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque (bumps of 20 hp and 34 lb-ft)
  • 19-inch forged aluminum Rays wheels wrapped in the GT-R’s Dunlop tires
  • Recaro seats
  • Bigger 15-inch front Nismo brake rotors
  • Nismo aero bits throughout
  • A Sport+ drive mode

Whether or not those things warrant the premium over a standard Z, there’s still no getting away from the fact that the Nismo is questionably priced when you compare it to sports car offerings from other brands.

Namely, you can get a Ford Mustang Dark Horse for $60,865 or a Chevy Corvette Stingray for $67,895. Having driven all three, the Nismo Z is a more enjoyable and attractive car to me than the BMW M2 and six-cylinder Toyota Supra, but, for what it’s worth, the former starts at $63,195 while the latter is priced at $55,595.

What say you, though? Is 66 large for the new Nismo Z worth it? Or would you spend your hard-earned elsewhere?

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