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Finally (???) Someone Made an AMG Grille Into a Speaker

The AMG-inspired speaker complements any Mercedes fan's collection of branded items, probably.
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Ideally, I like when two of my major interests combine into a single, tangible object. I’m not sure I like it when they look like this. I’m less sure when they have five-figure prices attached to them.

What we’re looking at here is the iXOOST collab with Mercedes-AMG in a speaker setup that resembles a hood scoop with exhaust ports, with an AMG badge plunked right in its kisser. It weighs more than 30 pounds because it sports four, 1-inch tweeters, two 6-inch woofers, one 250-watt amp, an integrated power supply, an AMG badge, and an AMG engine-badge looking piece that’s signed by the company. (Personally, I’d rather have an engine badge signed by AMG engine builder Michael Kübler, who makes the Pagani V12s, but that’s just me.) If you’re wondering what all of that sets you back, you’re not alone. The company doesn’t list a price and I reached out to ask, but haven’t heard back.

Nonetheless, the AMG Grille speaker, officially dubbed AMG Performance Luxury Audio, doesn’t look cheap. It probably doesn’t sound cheap. And it’s probably not cheap. A similarly constructed Lamborghini-esque sound system costs more than $25,000, which you can also add to your collection.

The AMG Performance Speaker doesn’t appear to offer any physical media options or hardwired auxiliary import ports but does offer Bluetooth connectivity. That ultimately opens the AMG Performance Speaker to any type of music on the planet, but it better not be from just any old delivery device. This type of brand devotion requires uncompromising support, so may we offer the Redmi AMG-Petronas K50 smartphone for $671 as a complement to your AMG speaker?

The company also offers F1-branded speakers and other automotive-inspired auditory creations. The company doesn’t list prices for any of its items, but I’m sure steep licensing costs for the pricey collabs don’t factor into any of them. None.