This Lamborghini Exhaust Speaker Costs More Than a New Miata

Finally, a docking system cooked inside an Italian automaker’s carbon fiber autoclave...

Full disclosure: I have no idea if this docking speaker system sounds good. Lamborghini won’t give us a tester, probably because each example is made to order, by hand, in Italy, and necessitates firing up a carbon autoclave. Also because each example retails for €24,800, about $26,300 at current exchange rates, and we’re not to be trusted with nice things.


The hardware inside iXoost/Esavox’s latest creation, built in a collaboration with the famed Sant’Agata automaker, seems nice enough. Requisite AUX and RCA ports, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, dual 24-bit digital signal processors. It’s a full-frequency response unit, offering 20-22.000 Hz range. In total, 800w are on tap. One 600w amp drives two 1-inch mylar tweeters, two 6.5-inch full range speakers, and two 8-inch woofers; an additional 200w amp is dedicated to powering a 15-inch neodymium subwoofer.

What’s incredible is how it’s all been integrated.


This is a substantial piece, measuring roughly 49 x 25 x 20 inches, and coming in just under 120 lbs. The system mixes wood elements with a carbon fiber monocoque, which, yes, is polymerised in Lamborghini’s autoclave at 6 bar. Those fulls and woofers are built into custom, hexagonal side cabinets, designed to ape the exotic company’s modern taillight housings. Tweeters are tucked inside the quad-tip, center-exit exhaust, which is plucked off an LP750-4 Superveloce. The whole deal even turns on and off using an jet fighter-style Aventador ignition switch.


Does it sound good? Does it matter? Obviously the iXoost/Esavox system is more “functional sculpture” than “Bluetooth speaker.” Latent function trumps manifest here, the height of frivolousness and overkill and absurd for absurdity’s sake. How Lamborghini.

Check it out at the automaker’s official online storefront here.